A mattress protector is a great way to make sure that your expensive mattress is protected for spills, sweat, accidents, dirt, and even bed bugs! Of course, your protector can actually only prevent these issues if it is the right one for your mattress. Here’s what you need to look for when buying a mattress protector:


Mattresses do not come in one standard depth, which means that you need to know the depth of your mattress in order to be able to find a protector that will adequately protect it. Very deep mattresses especially will need protectors designed specifically for their depth and size, as standard protectors may not be large enough to stay tucked around its edges.


Though you will not be sleeping directly on the mattress protector, you will still want to pay close attention to what fabric it is made out of, especially if you are allergic to certain kinds of fabric.  Even if you are not allergic to synthetic fibers or organic cotton, some materials are very loud and will squeak against your fitted sheets every time you move in the bed or get on or off of the mattress. While not a serious problem, this can become very annoying.

Some fabrics will also hold heat or release it more efficiently than others, making your bed either very warm or cool to the touch, depending on the material.


It is possible to find a mattress protector that also comes with a pillow top, to adjust the softness of your bed. This is a great way to make a firm mattress more comfortable and to preserve the life of the springs or memory foam. If your mattress protector does have this filling, you will want to carefully consider what type of material is used to fill it. While down can be extremely comfortable, it can also shed feathers. Foam is always a great choice, unless you are allergic to synthetic materials.

Quilting Pattern

The quilting pattern on the top of the protector may seem like an insignificant detail; however, you will likely feel this pattern when sitting or lying on your bed. For this reason, you will want to find a protector with a subtle quilting pattern, rather than one with a very pronounced pattern.