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Cushion covers make your favourite comfortable cushions last longer. And you can infuse new colours to brighten up your living room by using cushion covers with solid colours or artistic patterns. Decorative cushion covers are essential to complete your home décor; you will find an exciting variety for sale on Manchester House. Choose from our range of cushion covers made from faux leather, faux fur, Tenille cotton, Indra cotton, and so much more. Match your aesthetic taste with square, oblong, or rounded cushion covers. Feel like trying something new? The sequined or labyrinth texture cushion covers offer extraordinary luxury appeal. To infuse an oriental look, check out the Mandalay braided or Lester loop cover design. Cushion covers also come in sets of twos or threes, with easy care instructions to guide you.

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  1. Warlord Jacquard Taupe Square Cushion Cover 40 x 40 cm by Phase 2
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